Robert Mugabe was once one of Africa’s best leaders.

Zimbabwe wasn’t totally up to western standards, but by African standards was pretty good.

He was elected many times fairly.

Then he started manipulating to stay in power. One thing built on another…

Right now Zimbabwe is a complete mess. Hyper-inflation (bread is was last I checked $230 a loaf after lopping multiple (6 I think) zeros off the currency) is rife. No one can get petrol, not even the police.

People have been dumped in the middle of nowhere.

Farms that used to be the breadbasket of the continent are lying idle. People are starving.

Now he can’t resign because if he doesn’t do it right, he’ll be locked up for life.

All because a politician started manipulating things to stay in power a bit longer.

Helen, do you really want this to be you?

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