Officially now a Member.

Just received my National Party member membership letter.

This is serious – I’ve never been a member of any party at all. This in spite of being a political junkie for a long, long time. Like, there’s 30 people read DPF every single day and I’m one of those. Never thought I’d be a member of the National party.

What made me was this post on Just Left. Or was it this one?

I have always found it incredibly annoying when people lie. But it’s when people tell you a lie, and both of you know it’s a lie but that person tells it like it’s the truth – that’s just an insult of the highest order.

The thing is, Labour knows it’s done wrong. There’s no question of this. Heck, even Chris Trotter is honest enough to admit it. Both sides are angry. National had the election both bought and stolen so they have every right to be angry (and this is real theft, not the bogus Al Gore or Mexico style “theft” of being a sore loser) and Labour is angry like a kid is angry when their adoring parents suddenly realise the’ve raised a brat and start taking some serious action (like 6 of the best. FYI, you only feel the first 2! :). Jordon’s second post above is beyond ridiculous, beyond spin it’s plain stupid – it’s just plain stupidity to write a post pretending only National is angry and that anger is because Labour is so good. Everyone just knows it’s not true.

I don’t know why you would do that to yourself.

So I have joined the National Party. It is the only way to get rid of Labour. Governments stink, but when raw sewage is flowing through the hallways of power, citizens should start action.

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