I’m kinda newish to this blogging stuff, but I can see why you can get hooked on to it. ScrubOne has certainly been a busy boy with all the posts he’s done so far! I doubt I’ll ever get that diligent. However, Realising that ScrubOne intends to keep his blogs serious and for others to definitely read, I will try and maintain a certain level of seriousness too (so as not to scare people off!) I’m not good at serious in the sense that I could end up being too serious and typing too much (like when you carry on talking and then end up saying too much sort of thing.) So I’ll be as serious as I have to for ScrubOne’s sake but no more than that, I assure you!

And at some stage, when I have time to give her the credit due, I will explain my blog name: ilovemrstiggywinkle. An ode to dear old Mrs Tiggy Winkle will be posted in the not toooo distant future. One to watch out for. And I can assure you, a bit of light relief after all the politics you are probably more accustomed to reading, (unless of course you were searching for all things Mrs Tiggy Winkle.) Though Mrs Tiggy Winkle is a serious matter. After all I wouldn’t have chosen her name otherwise!

Happy blogging!

By ilovemrstiggywinkle

I'm not even half as prickly as Dear Old Mrs Tiggywinkle, but I'm just as friendly!

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