5 Years Since 9/11

It’s now 5 years since 9/11.

Of course, here in New Zealand, it was the 12th when we learnt about it all.

Where was I?

I woke up to the sound of National Radio as I always have. Now, I’m usually half-awake at this time so the news can get a bit jumbled. So when the spoke about the World Trade Centre on fire, I was like “oh yea, that must have been x years ago today or something”.

Then they said that the Pentagon was on fire.


I thought, “Either they’re playing fiction, or the world is ending.”
I got out of bed like it was on fire and turned on the TV. Turned out the world was ending. At least it was in the eastern USA.

In Palestine they were celebrating. Idiots, great time to piss off those who have always helped you most.

At work, people were watching TV all day, especially Americans. People were also saying stupid things, like there’ll be another wave of attacks. Yea, now that every gun in the USA is loaded, every plane in the air, every one on the highest level of alert they’ll try something else. Terrorism doesn’t work like that.
A lot of people learnt who Osama Bin Laden was that day. I didn’t, I’d already read about him.

What surprised me in the days afterwards is how many people were opposed to the invasion of Afghanistan. I mean, here’s a country that’s torn by war for 20 years, 90% now controlled by the Taliban, and feminists are complaining about the USA staring a war.

to be continued.

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