Why there will never be peace in the Middle East

David Farrar writes on the above topic.

He’s right.

Unlike David, I don’t find it funny anymore. It’s stupid and annoying.

Fortunately, David and I only have to turn off the news. People in Israel have to duck rockets.


I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the whole Israel thing lately. Who is right, who is wrong. Who fired first, who is just defending themselves.

It’s not easy. Assumption is piled on assumption. Everyone cherry-picks their facts.

Some weeks ago, I read a quite complete (Pro Israel) history of Israel. Link here. Like I say, it’s a no-bones pro Israel account. Knowing this, I went out and found a couple of others, one anti-Israel, and one from the UN.
There’s no doubt that both sides have used terrorism at one stage. In Israel’s case, those tactics ended many years ago.

There’s no doubt both sides have done things blaming the other side for provoking a response, and that both sides have taken very hard lines at times.

But with Lebanon, Israel had stepped back. The unilaterally left – they didn’t have to, but they did. That was 6 years ago. 1 hr later, Hezbollah moved in and started firing rockets.

Israel did nothing about this for 6 whole years.


They did not re-invade.

They stayed out.

They kept their word.

Then, terrorists crossed the border and kidnapped Israeli solders. After 6 years of putting up with attacks, Israel acted.

And How.

The response from the UN et al? “Disproportionate Force“.

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