Labour thinks we are all stupid

David Farrar has (the latest reason) why.

So let me get this straight:

Helen Clark, in spite of being a consummate politician of many, many years experience. She has run the tightest ship imaginable. She has appeared increasingly irate at National’s tactics.

But she didn’t authorise The Duck’s antics in exposing an alleged affair from (it seems) several years ago. In spite of looking pleased that the insinuations were made, she in fact was very upset at this.

On the other hand, we have Don Brash. Second term bumbling politician. Always stumbling, and generally not very good at the sort of slick presentation we expect from top politicians (Bush aside). Dissent abounds in caucus.

But in reality, Brash is part of a web of conspiracy, so tight that not a word of actual credible evidence has leaked.

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