One step back from the cliff

Our democracy is one step back from the cliff today, with the Greens respecting our civil instutions and decreeing that they too will pay back any money deemed unlawfully spent.

Perhaps some people might think the above headline is tosh. I suggest those people ponder how our society expects to function without respect for civil authority. If Labour is happy to dissmiss the auditor general’s rulings, simply becauase he finds them at fault (lets’ remember too that he made special efforts to make sure people understood what he would expect of them, efforts that Clark snubed) do you seriously expect them to stop at that?

Seriously, what if…


I can’t actually think of any example of an agency Labour has not fallen foul of. Not more serious than the police anyway.
We’ve had bribery claims.

We’ve had forgery.

The motorcade case.

Tennis balls.

Don’t forget the little incident with protestors in Dunedin.

None prosecuted, but the prosecution of Shane Ardern and opposition member was no problem. That’s a very disturbing thought in itself.

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