Campbell Live & Close Up tonight

Watched Campbell Live, as they were promising interviews with both leaders. Then found Close Up were offering a head to head – think I caught most of it.

Campbell Live got separate interview with each. Naturally, each blamed each other. Helen also got off a good shot about “big money” “buying policies”.

Someone please tell her you can’t buy policy from an opposition. (must post on this topic…)
I note that Campbell had Helen in a nice theatre setting, quite comfortable, gentle probing etc. Brash on the other hand got a “live cross to another studio” type interview. Not relaxed, quite pressing at times. Overall not a balanced display in terms of equal treatment.

I despair of this sort of thing.
Actually, on second thoughts, in the few hard interviews a Labour MP has been given, how many have handled themselves as well as a National government minister from the 90s?

Then switched to Close Up and found a head-to-head. Brash made very good points about already declaring a unilateral cease-fire, corruption being in the electoral act, etc.

Helen just looked stone-faced.

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