Stop the ACLU links to this article regarding RU-486.

I’m not saying the guy complaining is sane, but concerns regading this drug are very, very real.

Note the drug has only been approved for 4 years in the USA. At the time it was approved, remember that they were complaining that it had taken so long, “after all, it’s been used in France for years”.

Yea, there’s a good reason for that – it was created by a company connected to the French government. Hardly likey not to use their own drug now are they?

Wikipedia: (emphasis mine)

The drug was first licensed in France in 1988, for use in combination with prostaglandin, under the name Mifegyne. After license approval but before market release, Roussel Uclaf announced it would abandon distribution of the drug, but bowed to pressure from the government of France (which owned one third of the patent rights) two days later to resume distribution. [19] In early 1990, an international group of scientists and doctors based at the Necker Hospital in Paris reviewed the data of 30,000 women who had used RU 486 and issued a stern warning against it. They urged the Ministry of Health ‘to enforce what was inevitable: the immediate suppression of the distribution and use of RU 486.’ The French government did not ban it, but did issue stricter guidelines for its use. (Klein et al)

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