What’s happened to the real issues?

I pulled gladwrap off a hot dish in the microwave and burnt my finger with the steam. Over an hour later, and after sitting it in a glass of water it still stings like heck! In fact I am wondering if typing is making it worse. But though I’ll survive, what if I had injured my whole hand and needed to go to the hospital? Have you seen how busy the emergency dept can get?? Yeah, I know they don’t need someone like me taking up a bed but hey, if it did happen, I know they’d cope, but could they be coping better??? What is Labour doing for health these days??

On a brighter note, they are giving South Aucks more police. I thought I read it somewhere, but thinking about it I think I heard it on the news so no link:( Well, ‘pose I could find one – and here it is.

By ilovemrstiggywinkle

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