What Labour needs to do

Jordan, in his post “A Line in the Sand” says:

And so where do we go from here? Brash needs to go. National can’t win an election with him in place. The sooner he goes the sooner National can try and start backing out of the cul de sac he has backed them into.

While we’re all handing out advise to the opposition, here’s mine:

Labour can’t win the next election. I know they think they can, and easily. Forget it. They pulled out too many stops last time, the damage from that is just going to reverbrate for too long.

Labour’s best bet is to look to the future.

1. Tone things down. People are going to realise sooner or later that National stopped making stupid noises some time ago.

2. Deal with their current funding problems. Don’t know how, but make it honest. Stop criticizing the AG would also be a good move here.
3. Call an election and take the hit of a spell in opposition.

Unfortunately, Labour remain very strong politically and I have no doubt that after 3 years they are likely to be back stronger than ever for another couple of terms.

Fortunately, if Labour were to loose, Helen would go (can’t really see her taking another stint in opposition really) leaving the party hard pressed to get a new leader who can keep the ship together. Like Iraq, when the strong dictator goes, the populace is going to get a little hard to manage for a while…

Really though, it’s had to remember now how well Labour used to handle crises. I guess you can only blame the previous government for so long…

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