Bush is evil, no matter what happens

George Bush got blamed when petrol prices went up.

Now that they’re going down he’s manipulating the election.

Nice to see we’re not the only country grappling unsuccessfully with mental health funding.


  1. Exactly how are those two accusations mutually exclusive? Bush campaigned on his ties to the oil industry. Blaming market forces when prices skyrocketed smelled to a lot of people just like the Enron market manipulation (which, you may recall, had wingers pointing and laughing when people accused Enron of manipulation–until Snohomish County found the tapes to prove it).
    Knowing that voters would take out their frustrations at the polls (which they did anyway) would have been a powerful incentive to pressure the “marked forces” to lower prices. The big reason given when prices suddenly started to rise was that China was now a big player. I suppose that China declared some month-long holiday right before our election, which lowered their demand? And now that the election is over, during a period when oil prices are historically stable, prices are now going back up–or did you notice?
    That doesn’t prove Bush manipulated prices–but there’s certainly a reasonable amount of evidence to suspect it; and your silly argument (well, prices went down, so they couldn’t be manipulated) is cartoonish–because you refuse to consider that there are sometimes reasons to manipulate the prices downward–even if only temporarily.

  2. Heh, I bet you support a state system of setting prices, under which Bush could set prices at whim.

    As it is, prices are set by many, many factors. Prices were at record highs because of a large number of factors, China, Russia(long story that one), last year’s hurricanes esp. Katrina, lack of US refineries, instability in the middle east, the list goes on. All these factors combined to create the record highs.

    At the moment, prices have come off their high. The main factor behind this (I believe) was the discovery of a large oil field near the USA.

    As well as this, the gulf fields have had time to recover, people are getting used to the middle east crises, Russia’s situation has also calmed down. Canada’s oil sands are also getting close to production I imagine.

    By your own admission, there’s no evidence to say Bush has manuplitated prices. Thus, the way the MSM has portrayed the issue condemns them as horribly biased.

    This is especially the case as they changed their tune after the election and started calling it a “recovery”.

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