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Smacking and Section 59

I have a good reason to blog on section 59.

I was smacked with both a horse whip and a horse stick. The stick had a thick wire inside and was used from when we were young. The whip was a bit more bendy, and believe it or not, this made it worse. But it was not abuse.

Some people (and some that should know better) are hyperventilating that christians are beating their children for 15 minutes. Nonsense.

What Craig Smith is saying in the above pamphelet is that you must take your time, be prepared to listen to what happened, explain what was wrong from the guilty party and obtain an appology after the child has calmed down. These are the very things that seperate out this method from child abuse, the quick “give the child a whack and sit down to watch tv again” type stuff.

Considered, careful and thoughtful. Reasonable if you will.


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