1. C’mon, now. You know where this rumor came from. We need Bin Laden dead because we know we can’t just march into Pakistan and get him. No matter how big Bush’s mouth is. Bush hopes he’ll at least stay dead until after the elections.

    Why do you want him dead? Seriously.

  2. Actually, it was started by Jim down the road here.
    He was trying to get a rat out of the ceiling, and started telling it Bin Laden was dead. A passing Jornal from a french mag just happened to overhear it and mistook the dust on his chin for an arab beard.

    It also turns out that the muttering he was engaged in at the time just so happens to mean “I’m a member of the secret service”.

    I’ve justed asked, and Jim wasn’t aware of any election, although he said some choice works about Helen Clark and a few about some other things that aren’t printable.

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