Michael Drake on Section 59

An excerpt that caught my attention:

The letter was dated 24 August 2005 and signed “Dr Cindy Kiro, Children’s Commissioner.” It’s message was clear: I don’t know what you’ve done; please send me a copy of what your school gave to parents so that I can know what I have been publicly criticising you for. Dr Kiro had, in the media, promised me a reprimand, and here it was. Despite her sustained public criticism of me and my school, she didn’t know what she was reprimanding me for.

She told Radio New Zealand the school was “irresponsible” and “I don’t think
the school should be doing that.” The same criticism was reported in newspapers throughout New Zealand. On national television she described me as “seriously misguided”. All that despite not knowing what I had done. All that despite the law under which she works requiring her not to “make any comment that is adverse to a person if the Commissioner has not given the person an opportunity to be heard.” When I asked her about the illegality of her comments she would not reply. It was just one of many things she won’t include in the “discussion” she initiated.

Read the whole thing. This stuff is serious abuse of power.

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