The Decision on that “Darth Vader” Pic

FYI, we are result 13 on google for “helen clark darth vader” – scary eh!!

I’ve been thinking about Brash ordering the young nats to take down the picture of Helen as Darth Vader. I don’t like it.

Sure, it should not have happened. But let’s face it, it was there a long time before Clark got it pulled. I also wouldn’t expect much maturity from the young nats either, this is the sort of thing one would expect.

But the thing is, by pulling the picture, National has censored itself, essentially at Labours request. Now, so far as I know, Labour has not followed suit. Click here if you’re not convinced.
Yes, they are still tagging news items with silly cartoon of Brash. This is the main site for Labour, not some young idiots running around.

Given Labour have now gotten National to remove criticism, I’m just a little bit worried this may be the thin end of a wedge, where Labour can get National to pull anything too offensive, while Labour continues to throw about ridiculous hyperbole about National.

Remember, it’s the constitutional obligation for the opposition to attack the government, not the other way around.


We’re now no2, after 2 stuff reports – the above “we are number 13” text comes up as part of the search!

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