Ode To Dear Mrs Tiggy-winkle

Through the door into the back of the hill lives Dear Mrs Tiggy-winkle. She loves to wash out every stain and make clothes look brand new again.

She’s also an excellent clear starcher, if you please ‘m.

She warms her iron on the stove, for pressing linen, pinnies and clothes. Ironed flat and folded neat, as a washerwomen, she’s hard to beat!

And as she goes about her work She sings a little song:

“Lily-white and clean, oh!
With little frills between, oh!
Smooth and hot-red rusty spot

Never here be seen, oh!”

Now, I don’t mind hanging out clothes to dry, it’s a job I quite enjoy. But ironing is different matter Mrs Tiggy-winkle I’d love to employ.

She works so hard the whole day through, and gets everything so pristine.
For she loves to wash, iron and mend and starch clothes sparkling clean.

Another one of her specialties, if you please ‘m.
She is an inspiration to all women everywhere!

Mrs Tiggy-winkle, I love you and wish you could come and do my ironing!


By ilovemrstiggywinkle

I'm not even half as prickly as Dear Old Mrs Tiggywinkle, but I'm just as friendly!

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