Religious Pot! (It makes a change from soggy tomato sandwiches)

What’s going on inside your head right now? Stop and think about it for a minute.

I was listening to someone talk about the AMISH killings, so all of that and more is going through my head:

Religious Pot

Some Amish

The Exclusive Brethren (because we just can’t leave them alone)
A pinch of Presbytarian (throw in a few of their liberal for a bit of spice)

The pope

As much Islam as you can cope with

Any other religion that takes your fancy and mix together till you get the consistency you like. (Some like it real smooth, so well blended that you can’t tell by looking into the pot what’s what anymore. It’s just a tan to black colour of what was once a lot of religions or christian groups/sects.)

The world is too full of groups and sub groups. Every decision to be made comes fully equipped with a committee, sub committee and chair person for each. And you can’t forget the one committee member who has to take the pip and storm out, just when we thought the whole nightmare of it all what going to be resolved an we could just move on and start getting back to normality. Are all of these groups normal? Should it be acceptable? We can’t stop people from forming clubs and all of that, maybe violent street gangs – that would be great – but the thing is, even if the pot isn’t stirred, we can’t tell religious groups (that’s meant to be my topic so better stick with it) apart any more. Maybe it’s always been that way. I’m sure you disagree. You are saying to yourself, hang on, the Exclusive Brethren is different from Presbyterians. Yeah, whatever. As far as I am concerned, I can’t see any group trying to really set themselves apart for any good purpose. Radical Islamics set themselves apart for evil purposes but what about the Christians of this world. New paragraph needed.

So, here I am rambling. It’s a tuesday morning. And the sun is finally shining. No, I’m not rambling. I am making sense. Christians are either squabbling about what is right and acceptable in their church, or they are being accused of such and such or they are doing or not doing, saying or not saying something else that has to become media news! I’m a christian. Maybe I’m just as bad as the rest. In the religious pot we look all the same. It doesn’t matter whether we choose to wear only black or worship on Saturday or whatever. It doesn’t matter that we may have different interpretations on some passages of scripture. NONE OF IT MATTERS!!

All around the world Christian groups and Christians in general are being bullied and singled out as different and wrong and weird. Not Islam. Oh no, not Islam. Not even radical Islam. Christians! Because we are all sad and all the same no matter what we look like or how we dress or what stance we take on whatever.

What is going on in your head? Is it time to sack the chairman (chairperson if your into that PC rubbish) and all the members of the committee in your brain? Except of course for the one member who took the pip. He may have saved you from insanity cause he refused to go along with the rest of the members who don’t have a clue. My brains like that. Seriously. ALL THE TIME. And outside of my brain, in the world around, life is like that. Church life is like that. Honest God fearing Christians think, it’s all necessary and that their church would crash if, God forbid, their cream sponge committee wasn’t present on the day. And society just can’t have that now, can it?!
BUT WHERE IS MY CREAM SPONGE? With all these committees, and I estimate a few thousand cream sponge committees in the world, when are they going to start meaning anything of importance?! I just can’t see the benefits and sense of it all. Sometimes I wonder why God just doesn’t take the religious pot, flush it down the toilet and start again.

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  1. That was brilliant. I have a friend who talks about his brain the same way. I kind of understand it, but I never go for consensus on my board. There’s always the one member packing a sad, but if we all listened to him we’d never get anywhere!!

    Nice bout of creative thinking though! so true… but I think it’s all good if people want to set themselves apart and be self-sufficnet…. you got 2 look after yourself in a world as corrupt as ours otherwise u go down the gurgler with them…

    I like the Amish… It’s seldom I’ve been as grateful for Hell as I am after hearing about that killer dude…

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