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Age Discrimination

Picked up a magazine (North and South I think) in a waiting room today, and it had an article about tradesmen, and how much they were raking it in.

There is apparently no unemployed tradesmen, not matter how old.

Then I read this item on the BBC.

Anti-discrimination laws are stupid. They inevitably do not take exceptions into account (“Prostate Cancer Educator” for example) and are just simply unenforceable. If people don’t want to hire someone who would be of benefit to them, just because they are gay, too old or a woman, they are the losers.

If you look at American sports, once teams started to be integrated, those teams cleaned up because they had the better players. It did not take long for other teams to drop their discrimination policies.

Sports is a good example, in business things are less clear cut. But if someone wants to cut their own throat, I say let them.


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