The Daily Show

I used to watch the Daily Show a lot over the internet. I found it really funny, espeically when the took some crackpot and treated them seriously.

Then Iraq was invaded, and the 2004 election was approaching. Things got more and more partisan, anti-Bush, pro Democrat etc. It was no longer funny to watch so I stopped watching.

Now it appears the trend has continued, and the show is now indistinguishable from the nightly news.

 “It’s as good as the source Americans have relied on for decades,” Fox said by phone of Comedy Central’s show. “Neither one of them is particularly substantive. But any time you can get people engaged in the political process, that’s a good thing. The fact is that a lot of young people have turned away from the network news to “The Daily Show” means at least they are still engaged and still paying attention to politics.”

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