Iraq Oil Contracts

In 2003, Iraq awarded 5 contracts for exporting/drilling oil.

I know this, because I saw it on the BBC. Only 2-3 of those contracts went to US companies from memory. The others went to France and Russia.

I am a bit hazy on this for a good reason. I can’t find anything, anywhere on this.

Plenty on Halliburton*.

Plenty of bleating about other crap. But nothing at all on who was awarded the oil contracts in Iraq. You’d think this would be key to prove the US was after a profit on the war…The Truth must be unimportant I guess…

Update: found it. A bit different to what I remember!

However, several points remain valid:

1. Oil was not just sold to US companies

2. There’s very little information out there as to where the oil has gone, who has benefited etc.


*Quick test I like to give lefties:

1. What Business is Halliburton in?

2. Can you name one Halliburton competitor?

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