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The above is part of a quote reported by Family First as being said by Sue Bradford.

It just doesn’t seem like something any MP would ever say. Even an MP who is defending legislation recently shot down as being harmful to children by NZ’s most prominent ever social science study.

Unfortunately, it is true.

…This is accentuated by literature put out by groups like Carey College and Tyndale Park Christian Schools in Auckland, and by Family Integrity’s little booklet on corporal correction, which I’ll talk about a bit more shortly.

Personally, I have no problem with sadomasochism carried out between consenting adults using safe sex practices – what I do have a problem with is a legacy of hidden sexual violence practised on children and young people under a mantle of so-called discipline.

I have also heard comments and stories from victims who have directly experienced the connection, but whose words will never be heard in public because of the nature of the offence against them. Section 59 of the Crimes Act, has been protecting the perpetrators of a vicious mix of sexual and physical abuse for generations, and I don’t want this forgotten. I just want it stopped…

I am stunned.

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