Bring back the story about the duck and the cow

I’m getting sick of the media. The news is always ever so depressing. Bring back the fluffy duck stories. Or how about looking at some real issues? The things that get the ratings in this world are given the most attention cos rating pay. Ratings suck. It’s like buying a women’s magazine showing a celebrity with… cellulite.

Yes, the critics will tell us that everybody has cellulite. And it while it is true, nobody would believe that celebrities are counted as being part of “everybody”, would they?? Oh my goodness! Do the magazine editors think we are that stupid! Just cos I don’t make a trillion bucks per movie doesn’t make me any different from those that do. And I don’t need a women’s magazine, newspaper or tv report to tell me that! Everybody knows we all look grumpy and wrinkled till we get our makeup on (or go under the knife). Either way, we are all the same. We all have imperfections. We all want to be better in some way. If only…,we think as we stare into the mirror for the millionth time and squeeze a blackhead or examine our teeth or pull in our tummy. Celebrities have just the same anxieties and I get sick of them being published. But why do people want to read about these sort of things anyway?

Like I said, ratings pay. If people like it, you give them more. More gossip, more juicy material – but just a little to wet their appetite. You have to tune in to the next episode, next week to find out whether or not she will marry him. Yep. And it’s all the same: TV, radio, print media. Whatever sells, it’s there in massive doses for us to swallow like a concoction of pills with our morning, mid-morning, lunch, smoko, dinner and supper cup of tea (or coffee). What a shambles! Shame on us all for wanting to know who slept with who and why she walked out on him and the ten top ways to slim down like that woman off that programme did – you know the one I’m talking about. We all want to read it. We buy the magazines every week. Or, if you’re like me, we flick through them while in line at the supermarket checkout. Then, later at the doctors, we sort through the pile of mags to find the latest one cos we already read the one about so and so and her reasons why she did such and such last time we were there. But if there is nothing else to read, we read the article again. And we stare at the picture and think: if only I was that tiny; or if only my hair was that shiny, until we see the Cellulite Exposed!! in the top right hand corner and that folks is the time we should close the magazine and remember we are all the same.

All of us.

And we can be thankful that we don’t earn a billion otherwise we’d be in the spotlight too showing off our cellulite and diet tortured bodies. Now I don’t want to pick on celebrities. It is unfortunate for them that they get picked on. We know it makes it harder for them to live a normal life. We could try standing in their shoes to see how they feel but how will we really know if we’ve never owned diamond studded shoes costing thousands? It might seem impossible to try and empathize, so don’t even bother trying. Instead when you see a magazine with juicy gossip about why he had to do it again, turn your eyes away and read the gardening magazine instead – it will be all clean fun in there! Hey it’s true.

I think I get so much of a buzz reading about other peoples lives. But it’s gets boring. Who cares about her pimples! I’ve got my own to squeeze. But its hard to put down isn’t it? I think so. When it is so blatantly put in your face like a cream pie every time you walk into a dairy for bread and milk…Well bread and milk is just boring isn’t it…And the tv news, they’re getting just as bad. At one time I don’t remember them even mentioning celebrities but now it seems like they’ve run out of things to talk about. Hey, there are other issues? Hello?? Nobody home in real issues land; they’ve all popped out film so and so’s wedding. And a few weeks later, the separation. I want more meat and less junk food with my news at six thank you very much! Bring back the story about the duck that hung out with the cow. And as for politics – no thanks.

ding. And a few weeks later: the seperation. Yeah that’s just a bit sad for me. I want more! More meat and less junk food! Where are the solid stories. Even the one about the duck who hung out with the cow was more solid a story than most things we get now days. And then there is politics. No thanks.

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