Cactus Kate Refers Readers to Jordan, Expects more Loyalty to Result

(Please note: every once in a while WordPress barfs it, leaving a post halfdone. This post was one such post, but is now fixed)

Cactus Kate is off for a while and won’t be writing too much, so she’s referred all her readers to read Jordan Carter’s blog.

She certainly doesn’t mince words:

This blog has become such poorly written, humour bypassed, boring, predictable, one eyed, complete and utter pants that it doesn’t even deserve an award for the worst blog in the Universe because to grant it any award would be an overstatement of its complete and utter ballocks.

She notes first that he is still collecting university degrees. I did wonder about this recently when I noticed he was away finishing an honours dissertation. Bearing in mind he was in usenet 10 years ago or so when I used to read those, and active at that time in Young Labour, I would have assumed that he had already have finished a degree then. Anyway…

Jordan can’t actually see anything wrong with his own side and admit shortcomings least of all create any interesting humour attached.

She puts the hammer right on the nail with this one. I mean, we all have our areas where we aren’t really fair. DPF was a bit unfair with his treatment of Pete Hodgson’s press release yesterday, I was never going to pay out $1000, etc etc. But there’s a point where a blind spot becomes so large, so obvious, so over-riding that the blog becomes useless as a tool for critical analysis.

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