Mr Cullen: Get off the surplus and do something good with it!

Eeny Meenie Miny Mo. Catch an MP by their Agenda. If it’s unacceptable, throw them out. Then what we be left with? Not much but a few MP’s that thought the same things and agreed on the same policies. (If you are reading this I haven’t proofread. – added by ScrubOne. Ha ha!) There would be no diversity, and those left in Parliament would have little to do except scratch round in the dirt like chickens, trying to find the real issues that have been shoved under layers of bureaucracy, red tape and not another form to fill out! and How boring is that?

Well some politicians do need to be taken out, not to make life more boring but so the real issues facing New Zealanders can be dealt with. I mean, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (though I should have told Aunty Helen the time I shook her hand): What about the real issues?

Meanwhile, we all sit at home eating baked beans and suffering from headaches (at least I have a headache) while Labour -ouch my head, my head – sits like a sly fox who just ate all the chickens, when in fact they are just fat with their own pride and their own…


Let’s face it: we all have an agenda, so there is nothing inherently wrong with having one but like a lot of people I only like agendas that are beneficial to others and not just one’s selfish little self. I mean Emmerson’s cartoon (click on baked beans above if you haven’t seen it) is a good illustration of how agendas can affect society around us.

North Koreans are starving and the President (forget his name so wont try spelling it) is too concerned about letting off a nuclear bomb while Michael Cullen sits on ten billion dollars, which is a lot of money…

All the while, we cry to the tune of our own agendas: tax cuts! tax cuts! My brain is doing a u-turn: imagine if all agendas were put aside and the money put into things that are not necessarily of direct importance to us but to others: the starving, the dying, the poor, the people in need of a cancer cure these are the real issues. It suddenly dawned on me, we have all forgotten the rest of the world out there.

Yes, I’ve been spouting more money for health and police and so forth and I still do. But what are the real needs in this world? Who needs the ten billion more than you or I? How much support do we give to agencies like World Vision and Tear Fund or even groups like the Cancer Society, etc? How about putting the surplus into funding Herceptin for breast cancer pateints? We all have our agendas and on the face of it they may seem good and proper and right and fair and because we can or because we deserve to but we don’t deserve any of the ten billion dollars.

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