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This post my previous post here, which describes how Labour have not issued a press release not attacking Brash or National for 10 days.

It was suggested that I do a more in-depth analysis.

Well, there it is.

I have taken the press release list of all releases back to 1/02/2006 and assigned each into a category:

  • Attacks National
  • Attacks Brash
  • Defends Labour
  • Labour Policy
  • Labour Success
  • Speech
  • Initiatives
  • Other (usually Labour noting something is happening)

The last 5 can be grouped into “Promoting Labour”.

There is a clear pattern in the data produced.

1. Before Taito Phillip Field’s first statement, the pattern was like this:

  • 4 Attacking national or Brash (3 & 1)
  • 19 lauding policy, speeches or initiatives etc (the last 5 categories 4 in each excepting 3 in “other”).

Before Tito

To me, this is is a healthy government. They are spending their time promoting their policies and getting on with governing. The occasional barb at the opposition is expected, and you can see they are not threatened much by Brash.
2. Then we have the first Taito statement.

After this, there were two more “promoting Labour” press releases, then the second Taito statement. From there on, it’s solid Brash Bash all the way. Looking at the data, it’s like a multi-lane highway where the inside lanes have suddenly been closed.
Here’s the roundup from the first Taito statment to today:

  • 8 Statements attacking National
  • 12 Statements attacking Brash
  • 5 Statements defending Labour
  • Only 6 Statements promoting Labour

After Tito

What a massive difference!

You can see that Labour have spent more time than anything else on Brash. They’ve also spent over a quarter of their time attacking National, with about 2/3 of their time spent on both.

They’ve spent the other third split between apologising for their errors, and promoting themselves.

But what a difference a Brash makes. Labour are clearly threatened by Brash at this time, pretty much to the point of shutting down their “good news” machine.

Not bad for a 65 year old MP in his second term!


Upon examining the data, I’ve realised that there is more to report.

Here is the graph for after the Taito bust up settled down, and the election spending started up.

Labour Analysis Update

Note the red represents 3 press releases. Of the 25 in this section of the analysis, these 3 are nos. 6, 7 &8. After that, it’s out-and-out attack Brash.

As noted in a post today (27/10/2006) they have issued one more in the “Labour” section, and that one attacks Brash, so the blue section should actually be larger.

I wonder how large it is going to get?

Comments on: "Further Analysis of Labour Party Press Releases On Scoop" (6)

  1. brilliant – The government are spending over 80% of their time not governing the country. At least it means they do not have time to f^ck things up more

  2. I should note that these are Labour press releases, Government ones are seperate.

    But the analysis still holds – they’ve swung massivly to attacking Brash.

  3. I have to shower now…

  4. ah that would explain the smaller number. the argument still holds though. the party is spending its time on attack. Now you have me wondering about the difference. Presumably one is paid for out of parliamentary funds and the other not 🙂

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