We are not the same but we all want something more.

I was watching a mother duck and her 12 ducklings. The mother duck appeared so confident in her abilities as a mum. I was impressed of how in control of the situation she seemed to be. Maybe it just comes with the territory of being a duck. I don’t really know all that much about ducks and their behaviour and all that. But it made me think about being in control. Maybe our “mother of the nation” or should i say “Aunty Helen” could learn a few lessons off mother duck. I don’t know exactly what she would learn, but it seems like she just doesn’t have that confidence that she once had. And it is sad, rather. A Prime Minister should be confident and ready to face anything that comes their way. They should be strong, steadfast and gracious, though all the while maintaining humility and a down to earth approach to every day matters. Is this Helen Clark?

Will the real Helen please sit down. I am tired of politics. Legislation being rushed through. The country being deceived quite obviously and quite unashamedly by Labour while we eat our baked beans (or spaghetti if that is one’s preference) and what are we supposed to do? Shall we all march to Parliament with our banners shouting, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” or, “WHAT DO WE WANT? ANOTHER GOVERNMENT. WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!” And then once we get to Parliament demand that Helen come out and face the reality of it all:

Things are just not good enough.

It is not that people are fussy. It is that, as a nation, we are more deserving of a more responsible and mature government. Sooner or later, people are going to get sick of baked beans. They will crave something else. Letters to the Editor will not suffice. Blogging will not be enough. People will stand up and make some real noise. Writing letters to the Editor and blogging is just the beginning. In fact the electronic petition to the Governor-General is evidence that people have had quite enough thank you very much. Though I do agree with ScrubOne that pen and paper would be more effective. But still, it getting off our backsides and putting our brains into gear. That’s where it starts.

Everyone will have a reason to take offence whether they are bloggers or not! Sorry Helen, not everyone who puts words together in some readable form is a blogger and not everyone who does that is right wing.

I read this on Mr Farrar’s site and I think ScrubOne already posted about it too:

She seems to have been told these “right wing blogs” are a bad thing, so whenever something criticises her, she is now calling it a “right wing blog” to undermine it.

You don’t have to be right wing to be adversely affected in some way by this government. (Heck, I don’t even know if I’d call my self right wing sometimes. I once, several years ago, did this test on a friend’s computer to see where I fitted on the political spectrum and I fell smack bang in the middle, on top of Winston First. And I thought to myself: “I always knew I was a centreist!” I guess the shoe still fits but I’m nowhere near Winston.) The fact of the matter is, Helen thinks she can throw everyone together in the political pot and assume that we will all like baked beans and so that’s what we get given. Translation: we will all like a crappy government who will do whatever they want for their benefit alone and what ever the cost and so that’s what we get.


That’s not the way it works! And as long as people across New Zealand continue to have their say in what ever form they choose, it will never be that way. It’s all about making the most of our “freedom of speech.”

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