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Emmerson had a good cartoon in the weekend depicting Don Brash as lead singer of the “Nat” band, with the word’s: all they need is a decent lead singer. Yeah, aint that the truth!

Now I don’t want to bash Don Brash, but unfortunately he doesn’t get my vote. I say unfortunately because Dr Brash has done a good job of rattling Helen’s cage. Labour wants Don gone ‘Cause he”s actually doing a not too bad a job. Well he is. Any opposition leader who becomes a real threat to Labour has to be a good thing. But only in the sense that it could signal the end of a Labour Government after the next election. And we’ll all have to be praying hard for that one. I want Labour gone. Anything right of Labour would definitely be better that the current fiasco we currently have – what a dog’s breakfast!

Back to Brash:

He sings the out of tune when it comes to the moral issues facing our country. In many respects, he’s just as bad as Helen, though he wouldn’t ram legislation through like she would. But still,  last term he  certainly proved with the Civil Union Bill and legalising prostitution that he doesn’t really think much of having a country where families and the decency that all society deserves should come first.  Last term could have been his chance to shut Helen up.  If he had really thought about things before voting.  Who cares what MP’s themselves believe?  They are meant to be the voice for those of us out there not in Parliament and there are what? – 4 million of us!  But Don like many other MP’s just let Labour have there way with their agendas.  (It was like handing Labour, the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter.  The Kings brothers’ wife got what she wanted)

And nobody really bothered to question what was going on.  Not even Dr Brash.

Sure National may be coming up against Labour, with mud slinging and proving just how corrupt Labour is, but when it comes to the issues (the real issues) that many law abiding, tax paying, hard working citizens of NZ feel strongly about, National stumbles and their leader comes up rotten in the race to make New Zealand the most Liberal and immoral country in the western world.  It sounds like I have just described Labour and Helen Clark, doesn’t it?  You are reading this and thinking, are you mad?  No.  I’m thinking very seriously about the type of person I would like to have leading NZ.  And it’s not Don Brash.

You have to live it to believe in it.
I couldn’t believe the comments Dr Brash received about still being able to pull in the ladies when his affair became public. What about being able to keep a marriage together? How many leaders in Government have been able to do that? I don’t think people should have criticised him instead, but he didn’t deserve any praise either.  New Zealand Families are falling apart, youth violence and suicide is on the increase, agencies are barely coping with the numbers of people in need.  And we choose to stand up for Dr Brash, ’cause he still has it in him?  No thanks.

Everyone really needs to think hard about what is portrayed in the media.  A lot of it is not good.  We need to think about the sort of place we want our children to be brought up in.  I don’t think we currently have anyone in parliament who would do a good job of getting New Zealand back to a society we would all like it to be.  Hopefully by the next election, someone worth voting for will step up and be a strong contender against the current lot.

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  1. Based on tonights TV1 poll that had the corrupt labour guvmint dropping a further three points to 36% against national on 49% I think the screams will be louder from Labour for Brash to go – fat chance at this point – but I believe National will be even stronger with Key at the hlem (and Brash as Finance Minister????)

    Labour will be most concerned at their drop – watch the fighting from within their ranks step up a notch as Helen’s use-by date has well and truely expired.

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