Labour’s Snappy Defenses

Labour certainly knows how to defend against being called “corrupt” via signage. They employed the rarely used privilege of whacking said antagonist around the ears with the traditional folder.

So, National’s Bob Clarkson, being the real corrupt politician, decides he’ll do what any corrupt politician would do and resort to using the rules to silence the brave government member using said traditional folder in the time honored fashion. A dastardly complaint to the speaker was in order.

But the PM’s best friend (aka speaker Margret “what’s it like being in opposition?” Wilson) in a moment of dashing heorism decreas that hitting is allowed, it is in fact a tradition, after all. The fault (and how could we not have know this!) was with Mr. Clarkson.

The stupid git forgot to wear his helment.

Strike one for the government. Our flag is saved from further desecration.

Tally ho chaps.

(See over the break for the flag not desecrated.)

Banna Flag
H/T WhaleOil.

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