Aliens versus The Real Issues

With a title like that, thank goodness it is the weekend!

Just found this quote:

Also, if you ever have an alien in a headlock, and his head begins to bubble and turn funny colors, don’t let go, that means it’s working!!


Reading that was a bit of Deja vu for me. I feel like I have read that one before, but not from the same place. I probably didn’t, but I’m sure I have read/heard something equally as strange at some point in time.

The internet is a bit like my brain – I don’t where half the stuff comes from. The things some people say and the ideas some people put out there are crazy. But doesn’t it make life so much more interesting. I mean, life with out the ridiculous and silly would be boring. Yeah, I hope the person who wrote that quote had a good laugh at himself. We all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. We can get so caught up in being serious. And of course life is a very serious matter. But it also has it’s humorous side too. Even though we need to be real about issues we face on a daily basis, we also need to relax more; take a deep breath. Hey, the problem may still be there tomorrow. And you can bet, that it will demand more of your attention if you don’t try and deal with it today.

Don’t wrestle with the problem, or it may have you pinned on the ground before you can say: gee I wish there was an easier way out of this one. Just get on top of it!

I find the best thing that works for me is to find a quiet spot and give it all (verbally) to God. (By this time you have switched off or are about to switch your computer off but don’t do that.) I may not feel like anything has changed after praying, but I feel confident that God has everything in control. I don’t have to worry. After all It says in Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. And we all need some of that at the end of the week!

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