Someone in the Government Answered a Question!

MurraryMcCully’s weekly newletter looks like a good read (ht Sir Humphery’s).

Have only read the last 2 sections, but they are quite interesting. This part caught my eye:

So just what did he tell Cabinet? And when did he tell the Prime Minister? Both these truly interesting questions were lodged last week. And the answers from Mr Peters were even more interesting:

The Five Plus Five meetings were “informal gatherings” that met “on an adhoc basis” and “on the margins” of other more important meetings. He had not told Cabinet because it was “not necessary”. And just when had he told the Prime Minister? “The Member would need to ask the Prime Minister”. Well that clears that up, then.

Hey, at least he answered. My observations of late have been that Labour just isn’t giving answers to questions anymore.

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