This is not the Joke it looks like

Saw this headline on Scoop: “Karl Rove Announces Plans to Steal Election ’06“.

I clicked the link thinking the author would be taking the mickey.

Yet Rove told NPR he was certain of Republican majorities in both houses, and gave laughable reasons for his claim. Rove had no actual evidence to point to.

Now, this could be seen as the obsessive lying of a political hack, were it not for the fact that Rove’s party has stolen elections in 2000, 2002, and 2004, has recently increased dramatically the opportunities for election fraud (with new machines, new ID requirements, new purging techniques), and has already begun dirty tricks in a number of states (including machine foul ups already in Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, and the U.S. military). Rove’s strategy is clearly to steal the elections and to put forth a paper-thin excuse to justify it, one he hopes the corporate media will (again) accept. How do we know that’s Rove’s strategy? Because he announced it yesterday on NPR. Here’s the transcript:

Um, Rove didn’t steal any election, like, ever. If you honestly think that he stole 2000, 2002, and 2004, you’re stark, raving mad – quite aside from the way you accuse him of having no evidence for something everyone knows Rove would say, and you having none for a very serious charge.

It gets better:

MR. ROVE: I’m looking at 68 polls a week. You may be looking at four or five public polls a week that talk about attitudes nationally, but that do not impact the outcome –

[Rove is claiming access to secret polls that he never cites any data from, indicates the origin of, or otherwise documents the existence of. When asked for examples of races Republicans are winning, Rove turns to races we all know they’re winning based on “public” polls. Needless to say, thousands of public polls report on individual races, not just “attitudes nationally”.]

Rove claims access to polls of all sorts, most of the 68 would be Republican private polls. Why would he give away internal polling?

Hint: Rove is not stealing the elecction, and he’s not going to help the Democrats either. Get used to it.

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