Electronic Election Fraud – Who would it favour?

While reading this article on some guys arrested for election fraud, two thoughts clicked.

Thought one, was concerning this post at Mia’s. Some quotes

By Tuesday 5 September … enough workers went back that the company could reopen … They did this with the aid of the police – who once again made it clear which side they were on in industrial disputes.

And this note at the bottom on the company (allegedly) breaking the law.

Yes I have a problem with the company breaking the law and don’t have a problem with the union breaking the law. It’s not because I’m a hypocrite, it’s because I’ve picked a side – deal with it.

My point here is one of rule of law – the extreme left simply does not care about it when it gets in their way. Mia would rather the Police put aside the law and support their cause, she doesn’t have any problem with her side breaking it, but won’t have the other side doing so. She’s also blogged in support of the Colombia University thugs rushing the Minutemen stage.

I’m not making this observation on these two either. I’ve had plenty of experience of it from my own student days and later, watching the law being laid down to the letter on anyone to the right of the Alliance, while the left’s gross offences get ignored. Among the left that dominate our Student Associations, it’s quite rare to find someone who believes in doing things within the law.

Anyway, better get on with my point.

This was at the back of my mind, when election fraud came up. Then something struck me.

All the complaints I’ve ever heard have been that the Republicans who run the companies that supply electronic voting would change the result to favour their side.

But would it? The Right has a strong ethos of doing things within the rules, wheras the Left (who can’t understand how the Right could possibly win and so always assume they’re cheating) is inclined to throw it away. Given also the claims of “stolen” presidential elections, is anyone seriously telling us that there isn’t some pissed-off democrat suporter who is just waiting to press a secret button he’s built into a voting package to swing the vote to the left?

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