NY Times On Nuke Plans

So it turns out that the NYT was trying to ping Bush for leaking nuclear secrets, by effectively

How twisted is that?

The worst thing is, the MSM is taking that exact angle. Sad, very sad.  Not surprising though, given that the whole “missing WMD” thing took off in the first place.

I mean seriously, would you expect a drug house to have any drugs if the police raid was announced in Parliament, and debated on, a month before the raid? No, of course not.

So why did we expect there to be WMD in Iraq? Actually, the did find some explosives of the type used to make nuclear bombs, but the went missing. Guess when the NYT chose to break that story? Yup, right on election time.

But the real question is, would they do the same to the Democrats? I think we all know the answer to that one.

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