Pentagon Rebuts Editorial In ‘Military Newspapers’ Calling For Rumsfeld Resignation

Oh, this one is nasty.

  • Despite the official-sounding ring of “military newspapers,” these are commercial, private-sector operations owned by Gannett, the chain whose leading outlet is the left-leaning USA Today. The editorial is roughly as representative of the official military view of the Secretary as an anti-Rumsfeld rant by the New York Times.
  • While the MSM tried to multiply the significance of the editorial by mentioning that it was carried in four separate papers, representing the various branches of the military, again they are all just fellow members of the Gannett stable. It’s as misleading as claiming that an article published in the various regional editions of TV Guide appeared in “hundreds of magazines.”

Reading the next blog, it gets much, much worse.

 I always wondered why the parent of USAToday, that generates over $2,000,000,000 in annual revenue would buy such a little company. This weekend, I learned why and my six year suspicions were confirmed.

So these guys actually went out and purchased these newspapers in order to be able to attack the Bush administration.

Don’t believe it? The guy the put in as editor is proud of being a trator to the United States.

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