Election Day Dawns

Shortly, Americans will wake up and vote for 2 branches of their federal government.

Frankly, at this point I’m finding it a little hard to care.

Here’s why:

The Democrats

  • Obsessed with crazy stuff like impeaching Bush – just cos he didn’t change his mind when they did
  • Two faced on troops and war
  • In fact, have completely avoided giving a detailed plan of how they’d win the war
  • Complain about how things are run by the Republicans, but they were just the same
  • Get a free ride by most of the media
  • Spit the dummy when the media actually asks a real question
  • Operate on the Left’s typical “if it’s me then it’s not against the rules”
  • Just as corrupt as anyone else, more so considering they are not currently in power
  • Don’t deserve to win, but are predicted to.

The Republicans

  • Have failed to reduce the size of government – miserably
  • Have failed to keep themselves clean and upright – they’ve become lazy and corruption has crept in
  • Have kowtowed to the left far too often
  • Generally deserve a good kick in the pants
  • Deserve to loose

The media have been constantly telling us that the Dem’s are in front, but with polls that have more dems than should be the case.

Claim, counter-claim, late surges, who’s ignoring the late surge by picking polls?, local issues will tell it….

Just let us know what the result is, ok?

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