Just the same old Labour Party

Whenever I see the overblown hype of Tony or Jordan, I think “Hey, change that word and it describes Labour… Thus: another parody!


As expected, David Benson-Pope has not resigned. This of course hardly comes as a shock.

The point is though it doesn’t really matter. Clark, Cullen, Benson-Pope – they are just different variants on the same theme. That theme is of a party which since the demise of the Bolger era, has been a fanatical party dedicated to reshaping New Zealand’s society and economy in a direction of less fairness, less opportunity and more inequality and people trapped in poverty.

The Hager book, has simply shown that National has nothing to hide, both on National’s campaign and on the process of developing policy. Labour, on the other hand has a history of doing one thing and saying they are doing another.

Labour as a party is out of touch with Kiwi values. Its rhetoric tries to connect it to the broad mass of the people, but underneath the scaly skin lurks the same old fringe-left, socialist beast.

Labour, one day, will understand that the scale of change it needs to undergo is the same as what the UK Labour Party did in the 1980s and 1990s. A repudiation of past crimes and dishonesty, and a reconnection with the fundamental values of ordinary New Zealanders.

It is National’s sturdy connection with those values that has seen us almost beat Labour in the last election, in spite of a strong economy, and will see us gain power in the next.

So, Clark can do what she likes. She does not have the will, the ability or the constituency to fundamentally reshape Labour into a viable governing party. She is Labour’s own Tony Blair – great with the media, but running a government that is falling down around her ears.

What matters is not whether it is Helen or Benson-Pope or anyone else who is the latest scandal. What matters is that they are Labour, and they are a party that stands for lying to the public, and acting in the interest of a tiny minority of the people.

The best thing is – the people know it.

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