National’s Leadership

I’ve been ruminating on the leadership question.

I am, on reflection, sad that Don is gone. He was a gentlemen. His personal standards were high. He wasn’t a slick politician. An he was getting better at the game all the time.
He was everything Helen is not.

I just don’t understand the appeal of John Key. He’s not enough experience! He certainly has a good record outside parliament, but I just don’t see him as holding anything so special as people seem to think.

But he’s going to be leader. Ok.

So we turn to the deputy. Brownlee is fantastic. He’s been a great counterweight to Brash, and is an excellent politician – in fact, unlike Clark, he makes being an experienced politician look good.

English would be a good guy to have too. I like Bill – as (I think) Brownlee said yesterday, “there’s not a malicious bone in Bill’s body”. Putting Bill up front would be a huge act of defiance – it would really show we are united and strong.

It would also be good to have a woman to counter Helen, assuming Helen is a woman! 😀 Collings has done great recently, and would be a good choice.

It’s almost a case for a co-deputy situation, like the co-leaders in the Greens and Maori. Say Collins and Bill, with Brownlee in some sort of special “attack designed” position?

Update: Others are also having trouble getting excited about John.

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