Wispy Facts, Smokey Man

Well, it looks like Hager’s book is about what I expected. Not much substance, and on balance only slightly embarrassing to fair minded people.

Of course, the left is all up in arms that anyone in the National party might have met or corresponded with (gasp) anyone from (horror) big business!

Of course there’s going to be embarrassment about some things – you’d feel embarrassed if what you said to your spouse/best friend etc about someone was published for that person to see. The reality is that crazy stuff is said internally within an organisation. I once saw a TV piece on the Greens, where the were formulating their “Violence” policy. They had in their previous meeting, decided that a Green government would not interfere with the right of predators (such as cats and dogs) to hunt for prey. The mind boggles as to what they say in private!

Hager has now opened the floodgates for the publishing of the undoubtedly more embarrassing Labour Party emails, just as soon as someone can steal them. See, Labour by any measure exceeded the spending cap for the election my many, many times that of National, they have run a transparent campaign to mold NZ society into something of their own liking, and most of all they are the government!

The thing is, all this hype about National is, and always has been, stupid. How much can you do in opposition? Not much. How much can you do in government? As it turns out, anything at all.

The irony is that to make these “allegations” seem important, National has to be elevate to “almost government” – meaning that Labour is reminded that they’re the party that almost lost the election that could not be lost. They’ve also defined these allegations as the very worst National has been up to, given it’s not much, this could be just the thing to boost National into a clear majority.


  1. Hi there, this was an interesting post but it contains a few errors.

    You spelled Nicky Hager’s name incorrectly.

    You spelled embarrassing incorrectly.

    Fair-minded should probably be hyphenated but I will let you off on that one.

    You spelled embarrassment and embarrassed incorrectly in your thir paragraph. Interestingly, you used a different spelling to that used in your first paragraph.

    Spouse spelled incorrectly.

    Predators is spelled incorrectly.

    There is no such word as undoubtly.

    Opposition is spelled incorrectly.

    You might want to rephrase this sentence:

    The reality is that crazy stuff is said internally.

    It could be read that one’s internal monologue is sometimes unhinged.

    It might be a good idea to proofread you articles before you post them otherwise it makes it very difficult to take the content seriously.

    Also avoid the overuse of italics and bold. It tends to give the impression one is raving.

    Have a nice day.


  2. Thanks, I clearly didn’t run spell check.

    I have also corrected the spelling of Hager’s name.

    I don’t agree with you about italics, each use is there to make a point, sometimes it’s about other people raving.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Haven’t read the book but it seems silly, as in a lack of actual substance. Even though I haven’t read it, i’d still bet that I could write a more interesting book on political deception, etc.

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