Don Brash Replies to Hager

Don Brash has written a good reply to Hager’s book. You can read it on Scoop.

I will only point out this paragraph, I suggest you read the rest.

Most important of all, there was never any suggestion at all that actual or potential donors were looking for specific policy concessions in return for their financial support. The allegation, for example, that National’s policy on accident compensation was driven by financial support from the insurance industry was and is a total fabrication of the Labour Party. I have no idea whether any insurance company did in fact contribute to the National Party’s funding, and two of the largest insurance companies have stated publicly that they contributed nothing to any political party in the 2005 campaign. Moreover, our commitment to reintroduce competition into the accident insurance market was made almost as soon as the Labour Government re-nationalised the accident compensation industry in 2000, and has been reiterated many times since.

(The emphasis above is mine.)

Indeed, one of the few things National vowed to roll back early on was Labour’s dismantling of their insurance reforms.

The fact that Labour tries to talk about National “selling” policies speaks volumes about their view of the New Zealand voter – they thing we’re all stupid.

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