John Key’s Strategy Should Be Familiar to Helen

Remember how, after Labour destroyed the Alliance, leaving nothing much to their left, their policy started to swing right in key areas? This is much of what lead to the decimation of National.

Well Helen, now that Act’s gone, Key is coming after you. Where are Labour voters going to go when they’re offered a similar alternative but without the corruption that your government has regularly displayed, the latest episode still bubbling away behind the scenes?

It’s not going to go away just because you ignore it. One recalls these sorts of things were dealt with quickly in your heyday (yes, that is now in the past). Do you remember why?

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  1. Labour voters are turning to National, I see that happening more and more frequently. Obviously that is due to corruption within Labour and it is also due to National adopting some labour-lite policies.

    So you’ve got more of the ‘underclass’ turning to National, those that are in desperate need of a basic standard of living, and those that want the minimum wage raised, personal income tax cuts implemented, employer contributions to KiwiSaver, more tertiary scholarships, etc. And you’ve got the same old National supporters, white middle-aged businessmen who want more profits for their companies, the bare minimum amount of people to employ, no employer contributions to KiwiSaver, heavy subsidies, business tax cuts, the list goes on and on.

    So what will National do? Ultimately, they can’t please everyone. I am of the opinion that, if elected into Government, they’re more likely to do things which help their old faithful voters (rich businessmen) rather than their newer voters (those who need more of a financial boost).

  2. Enough with the “subsidies”.

    I think you’ll find if the government was to get out of business completely most business people would be quite happy. Government in business is as likely to hurt as it is to help, since they may give aid to your competitor.

    National won’t please everyone for sure. They will do exactly what Labour did – look to please everyone, but subtly (and not so subtly) move policy towards the right.

    Of course, your “rich businessmen” jab ignores the fact that National have, and always have had a larger membership that Labour by far.

  3. The fact is that the majority of businesspeople want the Government to implement legislation which makes their businesses more profitable. This is the main reason why a lot of businesspeople, especially farmers, have historically voted for National.

    Since the majority of wealth is owned by a minority of people, a lot of businesspeople aren’t particularly concerned that subsidies may go to their competitors, because their children are likely to marry the children of their competitors.

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