Helen Clark – No Respect for… Anything

As you all no doubt know by now Helen Clark, our Prime Minister, walked out on the valedictory speech of Dr Don Brash.

So did Winston.

Adolf puts his view well:

… this grossest example of uncouth bad manners, flouting of convention, petulance and arrogance I can ever remember.

It certainly is very bad manners. It’s bad because all she had to do was sit there, she didn’t even have to actively listen, just not hold really loud conversations. Unfortunately, such simple acts of common courtesy are something our PM has long since become incapable of. Very long since.

Of course, it does emphasise that she hates him. After all, this is a guy who almost beat her in the unwinable election. One that made her play her trump card (the free student loans bribe) and then later showed her up to be one of the most corrupt politicians this country has ever seen.

Maybe she thought he’s say something about her? Not likely. No, our PM has always made herself scarce in the face of heat*. And while there’s been a lot of heat on her lately, clearly the little flame left to burn in Brash’s short yet spectacular political career** was just too much for her to bear.
*It does occur to one that her coming election defeat may be the first and last exception to this. Roll on 2008!

** Be sure: Helen still remembers how long she was unpopular for, even if the rest of NZ do not. Brash’s early success no doubt rankles doubly under this light.

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  1. What else could one expect from someone who lives in the gutter and one who is an idiot and a buffoon. I also hold the MSM responsible for not splashing this reprehensible behavior from our top public servant across the front pages of the papers for the whole country to see. But then again, does New Zealand care? Or are they just selfishly living a life where they do not have to make a decision for themselves and have the backing of the goverment to live off other peoples labour.

    In the meantime PAY OUR MONEY BACK!

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