“I See Red” Analysis Part 1

Well, it had to happen. Here at long last is ScrubOne’s patented analysis run over Tony’s blog.

(Please note that I have not gone back over Jordan’s analysis before writing this. I will re-read it and compare the two later. Thus, some references to it may be a little off owing to my not correctly recalling exactly what I said.) Update: never did get around to this!

Tony’s blog surprised me a little. He is younger than Jordan, at 25. He is also Gay, and speaks about this in the blog. I think both these factors make him more honest, expressing his own opinions just a little more than Jordan. He doesn’t seem to hold the grudge that Jordan has over the Right.

While doing these classifications, I let the data speak to me. I try to place things in categories suggested by the data, so fields get reviewed, clarified, added and when I’m finished I remove ones that haven’t really been used much.

What is notable about Tony’s is that I called the “pro-labour” category “Pro-Labour Politics”. Contrast this with Jordan, who’s equivalent column was “Labour Propaganda”. That is the difference – Tony comes over as more genuine for the most part (exceptions covered later) and tends to express his opinions as his own, they do not (as with Jordan) come across as “This is What the Party Wants You to Know”. He also initially spent much of his time soley attacking National, whereas Jordan would write posts attacking National and then praising Labour’s supposed magnificent qualities.

One thing that stood out in this regard was a discussion on Section 59. After the Herald’s Sideswipe column published a comment to an entry showing his views to be flawed, Tony actually complemented his opposition, calling it “excellent”.

As per my last post, sideswipe rightly took a swipe at my section 59 post, quoting Craig’s excellent response to it.

Of course, Tony’s on the left, so he didn’t actually change his position when shown to be completely wrong 🙂

However, like Jordan, Tony fell right into line on state funding of political parties, blogging extensively on it. One wonders about this: is this really a case of two bloggers getting passionate about the party’s idea? It does seem a little too contrived, even for a conspiracy skeptic like me. He also played the full party line of calling Labour the “people’s party” where as National “get’s it’s funding from Big Business” – ignoring the fact that National has more members than Labour, not just richer ones.

On the flip side, Tony did post one blog that completely disgusted me. He spoke about an unethical tactic, stated that National had not done this, then went on to imply that National had done some other thing that was dishonest, even though the reason for implying that was completely and utterly bogus.

Tony commented on polls more than Jordan. However, this was not excessive and comments were usually reasonably justified. There was one occasion however, where Labour’s poor result left him unable to spin – quite amusing.
Here’s the graph of the overall results:

Tony Overall

Political Categories

Unlike Jordan, Tony went through some distinct periods in his political commentary. At the start of the year, it was National/Brash bashing all the way. Tony seemed particularly obsessed with the idea that Brash would meet his end this year.


Later, the tactic changed to be more pro-left and general political notes.It very much threatened to become a balanced and reasonable lefty blog. Towards the end of this time, Tony wrote several blogs on “Democracy Funding”, this is the pink section below.


To Be Continued…

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