Freezer Money Guy Welcomed Back to Congress

For those like me who wonder how people can get re-elected who have been caught red-handed, this will make you puke.

Congressional Black Caucus gives Jefferson standing ovation
WASHINGTON (CNN) — On the same day that the 110th Democratic-led Congress convenes with a plan to immediately pass lobbyist and ethics reforms, the Congressional Black Caucus Thursday gave a standing ovation to Rep. William Jefferson, the Louisiana Democrat who faces an FBI probe into bribery allegations.

Then, in comments, there’s a link to this:

You might think that a guy who’s still the subject of a federal bribery investigation would be more careful than to use taxpayer resources to raise campaign money. But nope, not Jefferson. And heck, he still hasn’t provided us with that “honorable explanation” he promised for the bizarro (and alleged) $90,000 in cash federal agents confiscated from a freezer in his Capitol Hill home.

Last week, House Democrats were shocked to receive a letter from Jefferson — on his official Congressional stationery, no less — asking colleagues to donate money to help him retire his campaign debt.

Nice letter. Too bad it violates House ethics rules. It’s a no-no to use taxpayer resources to raise campaign dough.


“We were going to send him a check in a freezer bag,” joked one chief of staff to a Democratic Member of Congress who received Jefferson’s solicitation.

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