Key Speech – TVNZ’s Response

Funny how TVNZ went out of their way both before and after the Key speech to tone it down. Their reporting before frequently talked about anything but Key, and their reporting last night was worse.

They went to the street in Auckland that Key mentioned. Now, they said he said the street had lost hope. So of course they found someone (one person!) who was bright and cheerful.

Thing is, that’s not what Key said. Here is what he said:

I’m not just talking about poor communities – because we all know that being poor needn’t rob you of hope. I’m talking about places where rungs on the ladder of opportunity have been broken. I’m talking about streets like McGehan Close, in Owairaka, Auckland. In one week last year, two kids in that small street killed themselves and another two made unsuccessful attempts. It is a street terrorised by youth gangs.

Not what you would have thought if you had only watched TVNZ.

I’m not the only one to notice it.

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