The Difference Between CYFS Watch and the Left

I was thinking about how bad the CYFS blog was compared to the rest of the Internet, and realised that it has some points that set it above the average left wing blog:

  • When CYFS Watch calls someone Hitler, it’s justified
  • There are few if any conspiracy theories
  • They are not constantly complaining about what National did during the 1990’s
  • No one sucks up to powerful politicians
  • CYFS Watch is committed to free speech
  • People who contribute haven’t gone straight from university to government positions
  • People who contribute know what it’s like to make ends meet in the real world
  • If you’ve heard about the site, your impression of the writers may actually improve when you actually read the site yourself
  • CYFS watch is trying to stop corruption
  • Come to think of it, CW isn’t covering for any of Labour’s crimes and/or misdeeds
  • CYFS Watch isn’t based on a philosophy that has consistently and totally failed in every implementation, and was responsible for more deaths last century than any other.
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