Labour Implements National’s “Bad” Policy

Jordan points out that that the Cullen is launching infrastructure bonds.

And this is the same guy who attacked National over their suggestion that the government borrow to defer infrastructure costs over several years.

Seems like I’m missing something somewhere?


  1. Did I really? It’s funny. The government’s capital budget is about $1.5bn a year. National’s tax cuts promise at the last election were worth around $4bn a year. Somehow I doubt that in my attacks on National’s bankrupt tax policy, I ever said anywhere that the government should not borrow to fund infrastructure development.

    Of course, I stand to be corrected, but without a reference, I do not really appreciate having words put in my mouth. For the record, I have supported specific infrastructure debt for some time, because it’s not fair for current taxpayers to fully fund long lived capital assets. If I have said other things elsewhere, do feel free to slap me about.

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