CYFS – Child Services don’t just fail in NZ

Warning, this story from the UK is graphic.

Selected quotes:

He said the parents, who showed no remorse for what they had done, tortured a “loving and affectionate” child in a case made all the worse by the fact they knew they were “under the eye of social services and had every reason to show more, not less, affection to that little girl”.

When the child, who cannot be named, was taken in by foster carers they referred to her as a “sunny child” who was physically capable despite her disability. Following the abuse she was left physically incapable of walking.

Why do they bother saying this, we all know already:

No social workers have been disciplined despite the fact the girl’s family was visited or contacted 20 times, Westminster Council confirmed this evening. “The council’s view is that no disciplinary action should be taken,” said a spokesman.

In spite of…

Referring to today’s case, police said they had never seen such shocking injuries. “These were horrific injuries,” said Detective Sergeant Tony Smith from the child protection unit, “some of the worst injuries I have seen.”

When the Police, who see the worst our society have to offer…

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