“Why I am Pro-Choice”

From Stop the ACLU:

I’m not going to go into detail about all that went into bringing me around to the pro-abortion side, but will simply announce my position in clear and concise terms:

A woman should be able to obtain a safe, legal and taxpayer-funded abortion at any time during the pregnancy, for any reason and by any method she chooses. This foundational constitutional right would be inviolable, I’d say even deserves a constitutional amendment to make it settled law once and for all, as long as there is an exception for the life and the health of the baby.

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  1. I’m pro-choice regarding abortion. I also think it should be legal and safe but am hesitant to advocate taxpayer funding to abortions, simply because I would pay for myself if I wanted to have an abortion, hypothetically speaking.

    But I think that abortion should be set at a price which a person on the most basic wage can afford.

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