Clark Hates Bush

clarkbush.jpgI dunno what anyone else thinks, but when *the*  image of a visit of one head of state to another has the visitor looking likes he/she wants to kill the host, that’s not good for relations, no?

Of course, Bush was being a nice guy:

President Bush described Miss Clark as “a straightforward, honest woman” who he always enjoyed meeting.

– still working on the quality of that intelligence I see.

Clark was very quick to tell us all that trade with NZ was not a priority for the US. Unfortunately for her, that’s Bush’s job. Helen’s job is to tell the US that our trade with them is.

Yet another abysmal failure by our illustrious leader.

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  1. What is it with Helen? She doesn’t seem to like George Bush; she didn’t make much of a good impression on QE2 (Queen Elizabeth) when she came here five or so years ago; the list goes on.

    For someone who’s had a tight leash on her party for so long, so to speak, she’s surprisingly inadequate when it comes to social skills, especially with the very important people. That’s definitely one area where John Key beats her. He’s buddies with a hell of a lot of important people, because, of course, he would’ve mingled with the rich and richer and richest while making his multi-million-dollar fortune.

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